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You probably found this website because you don't want to just sit and wait while you slowly crawl back to health. Or possibly you have gotten strep throat one too many times and you never want it again? Your doctor probably told you there is nothing much that can be done and feed you antibiotics which may only encourage antibiotic resistance.  You must be thinking, there has to be a more effective way.

Well, you are right!  You did a good thing for yourself by taking a minute to think that there might be an answer out there - AND THERE IS! Believe it or not, the solution to treat strep throat has been known for half a century.  There have been a handful of scientific studies done on the cure a long time ago, and each returned consistent results- IT WORKS!

Before we go into more detail, let's explain some background on this ailment....

Strep throat is short for streptococcal sore throat.  It’s actually a bacterial infection that occurs at the back of the throat.  Between 15% and 40% of the time when you have a sore throat, it is actually a form of strep throat.  Other strep throat symptoms include fever and enlarged or tender lymph nodes of the neck.  Communities that share close quarters are much more susceptible to strep throat which is why school children are so prone to the infection.  Sometimes a case of strep throat may be mild but other times symptoms are painful and couldn’t occur at a worse time.

So why would something that works to end strep throat not be widely available to stop this unwelcome ailment for good? Because Pharmaceutical companies can not profit from the StrepCure therefore not much attention or money has bee invested in producing any large-scale studies or having existing studies published. Pharmaceutical companies can't profit because the cure is very low-cost- it can be achieved with supplies from your local health food store.

In the 1960's and ‘70s “rogue” doctors were silently researching the effectiveness of the treatment outlined in CURE STREP eBook. Their results with treating strep throat (along with some other ailments) were shocking.  Over the past several decades both doctors and academics have be crusading to make this information public and to create large scale clinical trials of the strep throat treatment.  However their attempts have been unsuccessful.  This is why the cure has remained in the hands of few for such a long time.  Finally, through the help of this website you now access to this groundbreaking cure!  I have witnessed not only myself, but countless relatives, friends and StrepCure readers cure their strep throat within a couple hours!  AND, then they have the knowledge to never have strep throat again.

So let's get into the details...

The core remedy is based on significant intake of one of our bodies’ most essential nutrients – Vitamin C.  Now I’m sure you’ve heard taking Vitamin C is just plain old good to do anytime you are feeling sick.  That’s not what we are talking about here.  What you probably have never heard before is that if you take the right kind of Vitamin C in sufficiently large doses at specific intervals, you can stop your strep throat almost immediately!

Let me share with you some things you probably never new about Vitamin C and strep throat...

Did you know that you can absorb at least 5 times the amount of Vitamin C when you are inflicted with strep throat than you normally can?

Did you know that at one time the human body used to synthesize it’s own vitamin C, but do to a genetic mutation we are one of the only few animal and plant species that can no longer synthesize Vitamin C?

Did you know that it is impossible to take too much vitamin C, and the human body only absorbs the Vitamin C that it needs and the rest is excreted.

I discovered the cure for strep throat 10 years ago when I was a student.  My doctor had diagnosed me with strep throat the day of football playoffs and my mother wouldn’t allow me to attend.  I had already knew some obscure research on Vitamin C as I had written a school paper on its use for other ailments.  I was determined not have strep stop my life.  Long story short, after several years further testing and researching, I not only cured myself that day but I have administered and perfected the cure through hundreds of success stories.

Now the cure is available to you.   I am so disappointed that bureaucracy and capitalism has kept this and other simple cures from the general public that I feel compelled to do my best to make the strep cure public.  So I created the CURE STREP THROAT eBook.  No one wants to spend days learning how to cure their ailment so I wrote it to be easily understood and quickly read and implemented.  It has tons of data and figures you will want to know about Vitamin C and the cure.  It takes you step-by-step through the treatment process and determines the specific type of Vitamin C for you, how you take it, how much of it to take and how often you should be taking it.  We included a handy set of charts that you could use to track your results as well.

We initially tried the donation model and it was unsuccessful in keeping this site going.  If we wanted we could easily charge hundreds of dollars for all the information and research we are giving you, but we won’t.  Our mission is to let the world know of this simple and effective cure.  The cost is just enough to cover our advertising expenses and the maintenance of this website.

Oh, and in case you are wary of buying things online, all orders are processed using the latest encryption technology, we are listed with the Better Business Bureau and offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on our eBook.

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